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Natal horoscope analysis


Venus in Leo

Venus in this position endows you with a tender and generous heart that knows how to share its secrets. You are very receptive to the feelings of others. Since you radiate personal warmth and have good manners, it is easy for you to give good impressions and to elicit admiration. You look for the perfect lover and if you get your chance, you are daring enough to make the first move. When you are in love, you tend to idealize your partner, something that seldom helps you. Mutual admiration and devotion are very important to you in your erotic relation. If you learn to benefit more from your social talents, you can reach a higher position at work than you have expected. You are drawn to the beautiful things in life, which is reflected in a great desire for self-expression through the arts. Men with Venus in this position are drawn to women, who are impressive or striking in some way. Women with Venus in this position are drawn to generous men, who are able to treat them as a queen.