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Natal horoscope analysis


The sun in Libra

Virtues: harmony, cooperation, beauty and justice. Weaknesses: intolerance, nervousness and narcissism.

Quality = Impulsive, Element = Air, Verb = Balance, Planet = Venus, Gender = Female, Color = Pink, Stone = Chrysolite, Body part = Kidneys, Herb = Caraway, Face = Oval, Country = Austria, City = Vienna

☼ Consciousness

The sun is the center of our solar system. In astrology, our ego represents the center of our consciousness. When we ask what our zodiac sign is, we want to know which zodiac sign the sun passed at the time of our birth. The suns position at our birth is the base of our experiences and plays an important role in shaping our character. The zodiac sign, where the Sun was at the time of our birth, indicates the level of our consciousness and the way, in which we seek our fulfillment.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and the second air sign. The sun is in Libra between September 23 and October 22.

The ruler of Libra is the planet Venus, the planet that endows you with kindness, charm and the need to love and to be loved. You look upon things in different ways and from different angles to find the right balance in your life. Since you believe that harmony only can be accomplished through love and beauty as well as justice, you are a kind and loving person, who avoids quarrels and conflicts. The key to your development and success lies in harmonious contacts and good relations with others. Good relationships mean everything to you and you are a person, who can put aside your needs, without feeling as if you sacrifice something. You feel harmonious and fully satisfied only through other peoples participation, which can be both an obstacle and a help in your professional striving. An irresistible smile and sense of humor are your best defense mechanisms, which effectively fend off the most intensive opponent. Some people perceive a Libra as soft in speech and action. True or not, but it lies in a Libra´s nature to become powerful and aggressive only in emergencies. Just like Aphrodite, the goddess, you surround yourself by beauty and harmony. You love the perfected, magnificent and grandiose that life can offer while the defective or ugly affects your mood negatively and can make you feel bad.

As a married Libra you are able to create the best conditions for a successful marriage. Naturally, you express love and devotion from your heart, which is the best guarantee for a meaningful and lasting relation.