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Natal horoscope analysis


The sun in Scorpio

Virtues: determination, strength, insight, imagination and sharpness. Weaknesses: jealousy, grudge, intolerance, revenge and suspicion.

Quality = Fixed, Element = Water, Verb = I crave, Planet = Pluto, Gender = Female, Color = Purple, Stone = Turquoise, Body part = Genitals, Herb = Dandelion, Face = Quadratic, Country = Norway, City = New Orleans

☼ Consciousness

The sun is the center of our solar system. In astrology, our ego represents the center of our consciousness. When we ask what our zodiac sign is, we want to know which zodiac sign the sun passed at the time of our birth. The suns position at our birth is the base of our experiences and plays an important role in shaping our character. The zodiac sign, where the Sun was at the time of our birth, indicates the level of our consciousness and the way, in which we seek our fulfillment.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and the second water sign. The sun is in Scorpio between October 23 and November 21. The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the small planet with its mighty influence.

As a child of Pluto, you have a dynamic and intense personality. Your charisma is mesmerizing and when you need to convince others you know how to make use of it. You may show an image of calmness and peace of mind, but within you, you find the most intense and passionate nature. You have a warriors determination and strength while your composure and self-control are virtues that many envy you. Once you have decided to do something, it is almost impossible for you or anybody else to change your mind. When you have zoomed in on your goal, success is almost secured. If someone has to confront you as a rival, then he or she will regret it. The Scorpions are seemingly the toughest characters of the zodiac.

You may have an introverted and rather secretive personality. However, if someone asks your opinion about something important, you answer in a sincere way, without concealing anything. An ability to penetrate and understand the less obvious aspects of people and situations gives you valuable information. Since you have a profound interest in the mysteries of life, you explore religious and philosophical matters thoroughly. In your life, you may have to go through a few tragic and traumatic events. Your good memory and powerful emotions can make it hard for you to overcome negative things that have happened to you.

In your marriage you are a passionate and loving spouse. The two of you experience many fascinating and unusual things, but also hard trials. Your love life is rich and exciting, but jealousy and suspicion can cause discontent and anger in the marriage.