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Natal horoscope analysis


The sun in Taurus

Virtues: patience, tenderness, affection, endurance, selectivity and pride. Weaknesses: obstinacy, resentment, and inertia.

Quality = Stable, Element = Earth, Planet = Venus, Verb = I have, Gender = Female, Color = Pink, Stone = Sapphire, Body part = Throat, Herb = Cress, Face = Quadratic, Country = Ireland, City = London

☼ Consciousness

The sun is the center of our solar system. In astrology, our ego represents the center of our consciousness. When we ask what our zodiac sign is, we want to know which zodiac sign the sun passed at the time of our birth. The suns position at our birth is the base of our experiences and plays an important role in shaping our character. The zodiac sign, where the Sun was at the time of our birth, indicates the level of our consciousness and the way, in which we seek our fulfillment.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the first earth sign. The sun is in Taurus between April 20 and May 20. The ruler of Taurus is Venus.

Safety, security and stability are very important factors for a Taurus. Once you have defined your favorite people and things, you probably start to build a wall of protection around you. To keep things the way they are and unwillingness to make changes until it is necessary are other key elements of your Taurus character. You have quite specific ideas and principles and you rarely let other people influence you. If your loved ones want a change, this can cause you great stress and sometimes even panic. Your pace is slow and you want sufficient time to do things. To make decisions can be a lengthy process for you, but once you have made a decision, you stick to it. Since the planet Venus rules Taurus, there are often elements of beauty and sensitivity in the character of a Taurus. Your senses are highly developed, which can pave the way for an artistic career.

Material possessions are important to you and you struggle hard to achieve what you want. Thanks to hard work, patience and persistence, you are able to accomplish a lot. Patience is one of your most important characteristics and you can tolerate much, without getting angry or upset. However, if you run out of patience, then people around you had better keep away, otherwise they will see what an angry bull is capable of doing. When you have finished your workday, you prefer the peace and quiet that the comfortable couch at home offers, enjoying a relaxing evening.

For a long time, your prospective spouse may have to prove that he or she belongs to you and only to you. If your partner has patience enough to wait until you have decided to get married, then the two of you will realize that it was worthwhile. You are one of the most loyal, generous and tender persons, who will share everything with your spouse. The two of you are destined to perceive the nature of true love and to develop a great adaptability when you need to handle successes or when you have to confront setbacks.