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Natal horoscope analysis


The sun in Virgo

Virtues: analytical competence, impartiality, accuracy, diligence and perception. Weaknesses: tendency to criticize, fussiness and malice.

Quality = Variable, Element = Earth, Gender = Female, Planet = Mercury, Verb = I analyze, Color = White, Stone = Carnelian, Body part = Intestines and Nerves, Herb = Myrtle, Face = Oval, Country = Greece, City = Paris

☼ Consciousness

The sun is the center of our solar system. In astrology, our ego represents the center of our consciousness. When we ask what our zodiac sign is, we want to know which zodiac sign the sun passed at the time of our birth. The suns position at our birth is the base of our experiences and plays an important role in shaping our character. The zodiac sign, where the Sun was at the time of our birth, indicates the level of our consciousness and the way, in which we seek our fulfillment.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second earth sign. The sun is in Virgo between August 23 and September 22. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury.

As a Virgin you know how to communicate well and to have other´s attention. You want to work hard and you do not shy away from the toughest job, provided you have enough time to prepare yourself. Your schedule is normally tight and the clock is ticking, so you spend most of your time working. Since you have an analytical and perceptive nature, you notice the smallest details and very few things pass by you unnoticed. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to overdo things and to get lost in details, which can make you lose the overall picture and valuable time. Accuracy and thoroughness are character traits that help you to be very well prepared.

Characteristic of a Virgo is a willingness to support and help others, so it is natural for you to offer your services, where you can. You may have an inclination to make other peoples´ problems your own, which can cause unnecessary anxiety and an impaired sleep. You penetrate your and others´ problems thoroughly trying to come up with logical and practical solutions. Since you are a modest and discreet person, you do not like to speak about your own problems. Sometimes, you may give the impression that you are cold or absent, but the real reason is that you feel embarrassed about something.

Your desire to work hard and your willingness to help others are valuable virtues when it comes to get a good job and to do well in society.

As married, Virgos are generally good spouses, who are dedicated, careful and loving. You treat your spouse with respect and dignity, which creates a relaxed atmosphere in the marriage.