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Natal horoscope analysis


Moon in Taurus

The position of the moon in Taurus indicates that you have an emotional need for practical and tangible guidelines in order to feel well. Since you do not like too many changes or adventures, you have a strong wish to live peacefully in a traditional way. Options that give you security and stability are always prioritized. In your decision-making, you may hesitate and take your time, but when it is done, you seldom change your mind. You are hard-working and productive. Since you are loyal and reliable, your emotional relationships hold many years. You appreciate the good things in life, but sometimes you can go to excesses, especially as to food and drinks. The most painful memories that you have are associated with times when you felt insecure and alone. Therefore, you feel a strong attachment to people and things in your surrounding. It is difficult to make you angry, but when it happens, it is very problematic to be around you.