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Natal horoscope analysis


Venus in Taurus

The planet Venus is positioned in the best place possible since Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Venus in Taurus contributes to a romantic and strongly erotic nature. Physical attraction and closeness are essential elements in your love relation. Since your love is calm and faithful, you prefer a reliable and steady partner, with whom you mutually and gradually can strengthen your erotic desires. Your developed senses seek satisfaction through sensuality and amorous experiences. You are attracted to beautiful things, such as melodic music and fine art while you despise the ugly. When it comes to decide about a love relation or marriage, you will go through a lengthy process. When you finally have made up your mind, you can be sure that the relation will be long-lived. Since you are very devoted and faithful, it will probably last a lifetime. Men with Venus in Taurus seek a feminine and beautiful partner since an exciting erotic life is very important. Women with Venus in Taurus seek a partner, who can give them comfort and physical affection. If there are negative aspects of Venus in your birth chart, weaknesses such as laziness and ignorance can surface.