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Natal horoscope analysis


Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer contributes to an emotional personality with a tender heart, who craves for warm relations. You are devoted to your family, especially to your mother. Good family relations play a major role for your emotions and psyche. You have strong emotional ties with the past and the intimate relations that you have had. Since you are a highly romantic person, you tend to idealize your partner in quite unrealistic ways. You may have many love affairs and it probably takes a long time until you are able to establish a lasting bond. When you have fallen in love, you want to stay at home with your lover, avoiding too much contact with others. Since you know how to create a romantic atmosphere, your lover initially likes it, but it is a matter of time before your partner gets tired. Your sensitivity and touchiness can cause you or your partner to break up the relation quickly. Women with Venus in this position have strong maternal instincts and usually make many children. They are drawn to men, who remind them of their father. Men with Venus in this position are attracted to women with the same characteristics as their mother.