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Natal horoscope analysis


Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio endows you with physical and mental strength. Your determination and passion makes you an almost unbeatable contender. If someone pushes you or hurt your feelings, you may become mean or dangerous. You have the ability to look calm outside even if you are boiling inside. You may become a leader of a large company, organization or group. Since you analyze problems thoroughly, you come up with good solutions. Your hot temper or jealousy can lead you astray and make you fight your own people or love partner while bitterness and disappointment may lead you to self-destruction. Men with Mars in this position often impose their power negatively in their erotic relations. Women with Mars in this position are usually very erotic and attracted to strong or mysterious men. Both men and women with Mars in this position have strong amorous urges. In their erotic relations, jealousy and vengeance can become a problem.