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Natal horoscope analysis


Mars in Gemini

Mars in this position indicates that you are a clever and witty person, who will become quite popular. Since you have the ability to express yourself vividly, you are able to inspire and teach others. You make numerous acquaintances in your life, especially during your extensive travels. If you are in a bad mood, your quick mind can make you impatient and somewhat hard or ironic towards others. Your hyperactivity enables you to do many things almost simultaneously and in your work, you like to take on many different tasks. This may become a problem since it is easy to leave things unfinished. Men with Mars in this position are often unstable partners with a penchant for flirts. Women with Mars in this position are attracted to witty men, who can make them laugh and excite their minds. To have intimate relations with more than one person is not unusual to men and women with Mars in Gemini.